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Family Law Property Terminology 102 – The Basics

In our previous blog ‘ Family Law Parenting Terminology 101 – The Basics’ we shared that learning about family law parenting terminology can feel similar to learning a foreign language. It can be confusing and overwhelming. Unfortunately the terminology used in family law property and financial settlement matters isn’t much easier. There are lots of […]

Changes to Our JP Service

Over the past 8 years our Capalaba office has really enjoyed providing our Justice of the Peace Service in partnership with Capalaba Park Shopping Centre. During that time we have witnessed more than 20,000 documents (that’s a whole lot of documents ????) and we have gotten to meet and chat with lots of the wonderful […]

Practical tips to empower you after a separation

‘When will this get better?’ you may ask yourself just after a separation. It’s often a time of feeling overwhelmed. Even if things are amicable with your ex, there are many (sometimes contradictory) emotions to deal with, ranging from relief to heartbreak. There is also the prospect of having to deal with change itself. Finding […]

Family Law Parenting Terminology 101 – The Basics

A few months ago, a recently separated parent came to us for help with family law parenting arrangements for their young children. When we asked how everyone was adjusting and coping we smiled at the response that was provided. They said, ‘ you know, I never knew that going through separation and divorce was so […]

Separation, divorce and property settlement: 7 common myths

Separation, divorce and property settlement can be very difficult and challenging. It is no wonder then, that when faced with these situations, individuals often seek support, counsel and advice from family and friends. While family and friends provide a valuable support network, often their understanding of the family law system is incorrect and misinformed. Although […]

Domestic Violence: 8 Myths Part 1

Welcome to the first instalment of our two-part series on domestic violence myths. Domestic violence is a sensitive topic, but it is still one that needs to be talked about openly and candidly. Domestic violence occurs far too frequently. According to the 2016 Personal Safety Survey completed by the Australian Bureau of Statistics 17% of […]

Making your Will: 8 things you need to know

man in front of ocean with eyes closed

Wills are like most other legal documents, people have a general idea of what they are about but they may feel daunted by the details and do not fully understand who should make a Will, when one should be made and what should be included. In our 8-part series, we hope to shed light on […]